Living the Dream

Joe and I are many months home from our Roman journey.  Just this morning I saw an online article in TIME about the benefits of studying/working/living abroad.  “Research shows that experience in other countries makes us more flexible, creative, and complex thinkers.”  Not sure I am smarter but I am definitely more flexible and creative.   Thinking about the article prompted me to share briefly an update about how our experience opened our minds to creating a new future.  We will be opening a cafe and coffee bar in Baltimore in about 3 months.  More on the nitty gritty of that journey and experience in an article in the Good Men Project.  “Under the Tuscan Sun, guy version”

On this rainy Wednesday in Baltimore it is important to note simply that our experience living abroad motivated us to create a new future, with ups and downs for sure, that we own from beginning to end.   We have embraced wholeheartedly one of my favorite quotations, “The worst regrets in life are the risks not taken.” – Anonymous

For more insight on our experiences in Rome visit or to watch our progress with the cafe visit our Facebook page or our website.

Soon to be Park Cafe & Coffee Bar

Down to the bare walls and studs, May 2014Down to the bare walls and studs, May 2014

A blank canvas - post demolition, pre-construction - October 2014
A blank canvas – post demolition, pre-construction – October 2014

Architectural rendering of new space, 2014Architectural rendering of new space, 2014


Cafe Life – La Dolce Vita

Joe, Gerry, and Jochen at Cafe FarneseJoe, Gerry, and Jochen at Cafe Farnese, Rome, 2012

Relaxing outdoors in one of the thousands of cafes that line the streets is part of the Roman way of living.  Cafes come in all shapes and sizes from the very humble to the very chic. One attribute they all share – the waiters will not rush you.  In Italy no one will bring the check until you ask for it – a refreshing change to be sure. Nothing is more enjoyable that sitting outside with friends and family.  People watching,  discussing the news of the day, or planning where you may be going next can take hours!

You will undoubtedly discover a cafe to call your own, generally if you visit an establishment more than three times you are considered a regular, however if you need a suggestion or two some of my favorites areas/cafes include:

Campo di Fiori – Cafe Farnese

Via Veneto – Cafe de Paris

Navona/Piazza Pasquino – Il Piccolo

Piazza del Popolo – Canova

Via Marmorata – Tram Depot

Please share any of your favorites !!!!

Cafe de Paris, Rome, 2013