Parks and Gardens

Rome can be overwhelming and walking down one more cobbled street can just about do you in – everyone needs some green from time to time.  I spent many hours searching out and exploring some of the cities green spaces and some of my favorites can be found below.

Giardini Borghese (Flaminio) – Rome’s “Central Park”.   Nothing nicer than visiting early in the morning and going to the Belvedere overlooking Piazza del Popolo or visiting in the late afternoon and wandering along the streets, boulevards, and alles.  Beautiful stone pine’s everywhere.

Villa Doria Pamphili (Monterverde) – On the weekends I felt as if every Roman was running, playing soccer, or doing some sort of sport.  I always enjoyed that the park was full of life.

Orto Botanico (Trestevere) – This hidden gem at the foot of the Gianicolo behind the Palazzo Corsini is a wonderful place to see some unusual plants.  A huge bamboo forest among them.

Janiculum Hill (Gianicolo) – Home to many of the cities embassies the highlight of visiting comes every day at noon when a cannon shot rings out.  The first time this happened I literally hit the deck.  Amazing views of the city as well as the Vatican.

Santa Sabina (Aventino) – Located on the top of the Aventine Hill this church and adjacent park is one of my favorites for taking pictures.  Never crowded and incomparable views of the Tiber and the city.

Giardini Vaticani (Vatican City) – This visit will cost you (32 euros) but it is money well spent.  The tour guides are charming and the gardens are as you would expect for a head of state and head of the Church – exquisite!

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