Testaccio is the 20th rione of Rome and it’s name is derived from Monte Testaccio one of antiquities largest landfills.  Throughout the Roman Empire, much of the trade from the Tiber River took place here.  More recently in modern times, this neighborhood area has been a center of activity for butchers.  One of Rome’s traditional working class neighborhoods now in the process of gentrification changing its reputation from hard-at-work to hipster.   The neighborhood is home to several of Rome’s culinary highlights and I have listed my favorites, by no means the last word.  I encourage you to explore Testaccio and find your own favorites as you will undoubtedly.

Da Felice – Superb authentic Roman Cuisine!!  A favorite as our first time was with friends Andrea and Erica.  There is nothing on the menu that I would not try but my favorite dish is without a doubt their Cacio e Pepe.  While the restaurant may not sit on a piazza the staff are efficient, the space is modern and welcoming, and you can linger over your roman dishes for hours.  Reservations are most definitely required.

Pizzaria da Remo – In my opinion the best paper thin crust pizza in Rome.  I could eat here every day!!!!  Order the Margherita.

Volpetti – Their tag line, “Since 1973 – In Love With Good Food”.  Enough said about this delicatessen on Via Marmorata.  The owners are friendly and will let you try anything in the store.  Some of the best pecorino cheese I have ever tasted.  They will also vacuum pack anything that you are allowed to ship or bring back home to the United States.

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