One of Rome’s most famous rione in the center of the city next to the Vatican State. Here you will find plenty of shopping along Via Ottaviano and Via Cola di Renzo along broad shaded boulevards. There are also some very good places for a bite to eat.  Below are some of my favorites.

Duecentogradi – THE BEST place for a truly amazing panino.  The bread the foundation of any good sandwich is specially made for this shop and there is no other place in Rome to get it.  Duecentogradi literally means “200 degrees”

Nuova Fiorentina – The first time I came here was by chance.  Joe actually spotted the cool and inviting outdoor dining area one Sunday afternoon.   Filled with Roman’s I suspect we were the only tourists in the place.   We have been several times since for dinner and lunch. The atmosphere is casual and not stuffy even if the vibe is old school – lots of marble, tiled floors, waiters in uniform. The menu is typically roman and they do make tasty pizzas (closed on Mondays)

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