Campo di Fiori

Translated literally Campo di Fiori means “field of flowers” in Italian.  In the middle ages the area was actually a meadow.   This rectangular square is just south of Piazza Navona and east of the Tiber river at the boarder between rioni (districts) Parione and Regola.   Besides the daily market which is a must visit there are some good restaurants and specialty shops.  My one recommendation – walk a few blocks off the square in most any direction and you will find some real treasures.   Below is a list of some of my favorite places for a bite in this general area.

Ditirambo –  An antiques dealer, a marketing manager, an actor, and a wine merchant bonded to create this classic Roman trattoria you dream of finding but rarely do. All the bread, pasta, and desserts are homemade fresh daily, and the wine list of 200 different vintages comes from 20 different Italian regions.  It is close quarters inside but I find this to be the case most of the time in Rome and it gives you the opportunity to meet someone new.

La Moretta – About a 10 minute walk away from Piazza Farnese  down Via di Monseratto this is the one place that I came again and again when I wanted a traditional roman dinner. Not fussy and not chic but filled with roman locals.  The best Amatriciana I found in the city.   Simple and straightforward.

Open Baladin Ok! Ok! I know there are times when you can’t think about another pizza, plate of pasta, or panini and when you reach that limit this is the place to go for one of the best burgers you will have.  Recommended to me by one of the staff at the U.S. Embassy.   Great beer list and definitely get the “FATATE” –  real, made-to-order potato chips.

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