Cafes, Enotecas, Gelaterias, Osterias, and Pizzarias

To say that the Italians take their food and dining seriously is an understatement.   In Italy there is something for everyone to enjoy.  You can take advantage of the many markets and salumerias and try your hand at cooking OR wonder at the myriad number of ways to make a panino OR take your time discovering the quintessential dish in one of the thousands of neighborhood restaurants.

Without sounding preachy here is a good place to gently remind non-italians that the pace of a meal in Italy is much slower than one may be used to elsewhere.  This doesn’t mean that the staff is ignoring you or doesn’t care about your well being or satisfaction.  It always takes me a meal or two to get into the swing of things and savor the fact that I can sit for as long as I like and enjoy the world before me.

I have made an attempt to list my favorite restaurants, cafes, and gelaterias by neighborhood with a brief description of each and my favorite dish.  I welcome you to comment with your own particular must not miss.   Buon Appetito!

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