Favorite Italian Products

Italians appreciate good design and well made products.  From clothing to automobiles, from perfume to decorative arts, from everyday items to bed linens.   Treat yourself to some of my favorites

Pro Fumum Roma – This is one of the best indie perfume houses.  They have perfected the science of scents.  My favorite is Ichnusa which is evocative of cool green woods. Via Ripetta, 14  (Near Piazza del Popolo)  NOTE:  The only stateside retailer I know of is in NYC – Osswald Inc. 311 West Broadway – NY 10013)

Gusto – For the latest in kitchen gadgets, cook books, and funky decor.  You can literally spend hours here.  Piazza Augusto Imperatore, 7  (Near the Ara Pacis)

Ditta G. Poggi – Art supplies, fountain pens, paper, inks, etc. Via del Gesù, 74/75 (Near the Pantheon)

Confetteria Moriondo & Gariglio – Amazing homemade chocolates and candies.  Stepping into this shop is like stepping back in time. Via del Pie’ di Marmo, 21/22 (Near the Piazza del Collegio Romano) NOTE:  They ship stateside

Roscioli Salumeria – A wine bar, delicatessen, bakery, gourmet emporium.  I can’t say enough about the staff or some of the amazing prosciutto including venison.  Via dei Giubbonari, 21/22 (Near the Campo di Fiori) NOTE: They ship stateside

Fabriano – Fabulous papers in every color of the rainbow.  Additionally a wide variety of funky items for the office and home.  Via del Babuino, 173 (Near the Piazza del Popolo)

Fountain Pens – Italy produces some of the most beautiful writing instruments in the world.  Two particular manufacturers, Visconti and Aurora, sell their pens in many of the beautiful fine gift shops in the historical center of Rome.

Dolmen Design – Furniture, Decorative Arts, Lighting, Outdoor Objet, Fragrences.  The owners have assembled some of the finest new talent – designers, architects, artists – all in one place.  While the majority of goods are Italian there are also other european countries represented.  Via de ‘Cestari, 43 (Near the Pantheon)

Vespas – Iconic transportation perfect for we city dwellers.  Choosing a color can be the hardest part.

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