Ride the Bus/Tram

Taking one of the many buses or trams around the city is not only a great way to enjoy Roman street life but it is also very economical compared to taxi’s, especially for one or two people.  A one way fare is 1.50 euros.

You can purchase the Bigletto Integrato a Tempo (a single use ticket that lasts for 75 minutes once validated) at tobacco shops or tabacchi, all over Rome. These small shops usually, but not always, have signs outside with a ‘T’.  The tickets is is good for as many bus rides and transfers as you can get in within that timeframe after validation. You may also use it for a single ride on Rome’s metro system. You are allowed to transfer the ticket from a metro ride to a bus within 100 minutes.

Two of my favorite buses are the 116 (a small electric bus that winds it way from Campo di Fiori through the historic center of the city along the Via Veneto to the Borghese Gardens) and the 128 (a similar type of bus that winds its way through the narrow streets of Trestevere.)

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