Blogs I Follow

There is so much information on the internet about Italy and Rome and I have looked at a lot of it.  I find myself gravitating toward some blogs more than others and hope that sharing them here is helpful.  To my fellow bloggers this is a compliment in the most sincerest form.

  • Parla Food – Katie Pala’s blog about food issues diners face in Rome and Italy among other places.  Great advice and fabulous photos.
  • Bleeding Espresso – Michelle Fabio’s blog about Southern Italy and living in the moment.  Great recipies, information about Calabria, and advice for expats.
  • My Village in Umbria – Elizabeth Heath’s blog about life as an expat in central Italy.  I find her posts refreshingly truthful with a bit of humor.
  • Over a Tuscan Stove – Judy Francini’s blog about life in Tuscany (the village of Certaldo, halfway between Florence and Sienna) as a Cooking Teacher, Author, Market Maven, Culinary Curator and Italian Life Coach.  There is a uniqueness to her blog that I find comforting, straightforward, and very enjoyable.


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