Started in the summer of 2013, Dreaming In Italian began as a way for me to share with friends my experiences of having visited Italy (24 trips) and having lived in Rome with my husband Joe (August – December 2012) and encourage others to take a giant leap and become global citizens.

Since we have been back we have been asked many different questions covering a range of topics, “how did you rent your apartment?”, “how did you manage so much time off from work?”, “do you think someday you will live in Italy?”, “what is your favorite Italian city?”, “what is your favorite restaurant?”, et cetera. I have attempted to address many of the most often asked questions and hope the information on this blog is helpful to you as you consider planning a trip to Italy and chasing a few Vespa’s of your own.

For those of you who do go or who have been to Italy I encourage you to join in the conversation and share your own observations, favorite memories, and advice about your experiences. –  Buon Viaggio ! ! !

“The worst regrets in life are the risks not taken.” – Anonymous

Lungotevere dei Valatti, Rome, 2013Detail of Building, Lungoteverre dei Vatalli, Rome, 2013

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  1. David – what a wonderful journal of your time in Italy. I’ve never been, but your blog certainly inspires me with its beauty…I’m ready to take the plunge!

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