Celebrating Friends & Shared Experiences

A year ago we were happily living in Rome enjoying new experiences.  One of the highlights of living abroad is having friends and family come visit.   I particularly enjoyed seeing Rome through the eyes of my friends and family who always managed to show me something new.Shaun, Maggie, David, Denny and Bob, Spanish Steps, Rome, 2013Sean, Maggie, David, Denny and Bob, Spanish Steps, Rome, 2012

Shared experiences take on a collective life of their own especially in the retelling or reminiscing which only gets better with time – like a fine bottle of Chianti. Grating Nutmeg, 2013Chef Bob Grating Nutmeg for Ravoli, Maryland, 2013

This past weekend we celebrated the anniversary of a shared week in Rome with  friends Denny, Bob, Maggie, and Sean in the best way possible – drinking, cooking, remembering, and laughing.Making Pasta, 2013T, Denny, and Joe Whisking the Flour and Eggs for Fresh Pasta, 2013

We included T and Barry who are headed to Italy in the near future.  Hopefully our cooking, tales of visiting catacombs, villas, ancient ruins and enjoying the Dolce Vita inspired them. Rolling Pasta, 2013Joe, Sean, and Maggie Rolling Paper Thin Dough for Ravoli, 2013

As we sat down to dinner I was grateful for many things most especially that all of us shared a common bond – great memories of being global citizens.  Fruits of our Collective Labor, 2013Fruits of our Collective Labor, 2013

Safe travels to all the vespa chasers – keep dreaming!!!!!!!!

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